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As the municipal bond underwriter for numerous issuers of tax-exempt or taxable debt, the primary duty of L.J. Hart & Company is to successfully locate institutional and individual investors to purchase the general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and lease certificate of participants. The firm cannot accept purchase orders via this website as industry regulations require that personal telephone conversations occur for those types of business transactions. We feature several of our pending issues and are planning to keep it updated on at least a weekly basis. Please recognize that as these financings come to market orders are frequently generated from our existing institutional client base in a rapid manner.

If you are an individual investor willing to purchase $50,000 or more of a particular offering, it is recommend that you call the firm to express your intent on a future financing well in advance of the commencement of the official institutional order period. L.J. Hart and Company can then supply you with the specific credit information in the preliminary official statement and, by direct communication, protects your ability to purchase the bonds or certificates you desire. Once you have the preliminary official statement, it is important that you communicate promptly to express your intent or to ask questions about it. Our firm tries very hard to provide local investors who reside within the issuer’s boundaries or nearby to have the opportunity to invest in their local financings. For this to be efficient we need to know of your potential interest early in the process to forward appropriate information. Once you have the data and are ready to make the investment that communication needs to occur soon. The institutional investors, otherwise, may already have selected the bonds or certificates you want.