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Credit Enhancement

Applications to Rating Agencies and to Municipal Bond Insurance Companies for Credit Enhancement When Appropriate

Credit enhancement is a method whereby an entity attempts to improve its credit worthiness.  With credit enhancement, the lender is provided with reassurance that the borrower will honor its obligation through insurance, additional collateral or a third party guarantee.

When the size of a financing makes it economical to pursue a rating from one or more rating agencies, or when the purchase of insurance to improve the existing rating is helpful, L.J. Hart & Company usually completes much of the application and can assist in the data gathering process as part of its overall services. The Company has considerable experience in working with all rating agencies as well as most of the firms that provide municipal bond insurance to local governments. Having the benefit of this experience can be useful in expediting the process, receiving competitive pricing of the insurance fee quotes, as well as the achievement of professional respect for the quality and completeness of the presentation.